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Five-Point Commitment to Social Impact 

We often hear talks about leadership whether good or bad; ineffective or not. However, the discussion typically surrounds organizational leaders in the workplace, world leaders, industry leaders, or something else of the sorts. Rarely do we hear about leaders who are genuinely focused on the well-being of others - those taking action to move humankind in the right direction.

My goal as a leadership coach is to take leadership development to another level with higher expectations and an emphasis on Leadership for Humanity. By educating and empowering new and emerging leaders, we can ensure the next generation of leaders not only moves their communities and societies forward, but upward!

of Social Impact

Diligently working in areas that matter most to reshape the face of leadership. Creating a future to better serve those who will inherit the world we leave behind.

Learning & Education Development

Supporting and improving education planning and development to give greater access to foundational and higher learning opportunities in underprivileged communities.


Putting more power in the hands of the people by development more effective leaders for social change and engaging a new generation of political participates.

Socioeconomic Advancement

Empowering individuals and communities with opportunities and resources to advance through becoming financially self-sufficient, gainfully employed, and thrive.

Nonprofit Impact
& Collaboration

Helping to increase the impact and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations with the potential of effecting long-term change underserved communities in the US and Africa.


Supporting entrepreneurs who empower consumers and positively impact society. Uniting a social mission with business to elevate communities and the environment.

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